Terrace of a Beach House

Terrace of a Beach House

Design of an Outdoor Terrace  of a Beach House

Location: Long Branch, NJ


The  terrace is  facing the magnificent view of the ocean. Menashe Design adapted it to an inviting and comfortable  lounge area, where clients can entertain their guests, or just sit and enjoy the view.

The design concept was to create a “chic-bohemian” feel . Use of rich textiles and earthy tones create a laid back ambiance, and accenting it with brass details added an edge to the design.  The sofa and chaise are filled with an array of printed pillows with detailed trims and Moroccan-inspired patterns that  bring a subtle boho vibe to a neutral palette. All of the lounge furniture is custom designed and made, and feature details including leather straps, brushed brass frames and two-tone outdoor fabric upholstery. A gorgeous marble and brass coffee table and petrified wood side tables add the “stone” element and truly  complement  the design.

Design of a Summer House

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Lounge Soho

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